Plant Phosphoproteome Database

/dbfiles/SciNetS_ria102i/IAB_Keio_logo.gifRIA00102^swf^PSClogo2_36.png   RIPP-DB   (RIKEN Plant Phosphoproteome Database)  
The RIPP-DB provides information on phosphopeptides which were identified from Arabidopsis and rice cells by LC-MS/MS-based shotgun phosphoproteomics approach. MS/MS spectral information for the identified phosphopeptides at PepBase (Keio University)are available. Alignment views of orthologous proteins in Arabidopsis and rice mapped with the identified phosphopeptides allow users to predict conserved phosphorylation sites in plants. Current database houses information for 5,143 and 6,919 phosphopeptides from Arabidopsis and rice, respectively. Detail information is available from following articles.

Reference to the RIPP-DB:
We kindly ask users to cite the following papers when publishing results derived from the use of the RIPP-DB:
Nakagami, H., Sugiyama, N., Mochida, K., Daudi, A., Yoshida, Y., Toyoda, T., Tomita, M., Ishihama, Y. and Shirasu, K. Large-scale comparative phosphoproteomics identifies conserved phosphorylation sites in plants. (2010) Plant Physiology. Jul;153(3):1161-74 ( PlantPhysiol | PubMed)
Sugiyama, N., Nakagami, H., Mochida, K., Daudi, A., Tomita, M., Shirasu, K. and Ishihama, Y. Large-scale phosphorylation mapping reveales the extent of tyrosine phosphorylation in Arabidopsis. (2008) Molecular Systems Biology. 4:193 (MSB | PubMed)