FOX Hunting

Arabidopsis thaliana
Advanced Center for Computing and Communication
 We collected each full-length cDNAs prepared in RIKEN into an almost equimolarratio to generate plant expression library. In this library each full-lengthcDNA is located under CaMV35S promoter and TMV omega sequence for properprotein production. As a starting material we have collected around 10,000independent full-length cDNAs. By Agrobacteria inplanta transformation methoddeveloped in Arabidopsis we could transfer T-DNA region of the plant expressionlibrary into Arabidopsis. By repeating this transformation procedure we havegenerated around 30,000 independent Arabidopsis transgenic lines overexpressingfull-length cDNAs (FOX Arabidopsis mutant lines). For detail method of thelibrary construction, please refer to Ichikawa et al., The Plant Journal (2006)45, 974-985. All contents in this database have been constructed bycollaboration with NEC Soft, Ltd (VALWAY Technology Center, NEC Soft, Ltd,Tokyo, Japan).